Welcome to Consulting for Cruisers!


Living aboard and cruising the oceans in a small boat is a dream many people have. Who doesn’t imagine themselves sailing in tropical and exotic locations? It is an amazing way of life. For most who pursue it, it’s a radical change from their land-based lifestyle. We’ve met dozens of folks who have decided to sell out and sail away on Monday and are on a boat and gone by Friday, learning as they go – the trial and error method, for sure.

While the ‘trial and error’ method is a severe lifestyle change for most who manage to do it, it’s not for everyone. Far and away, most of the cruisers we meet have already been sailing or boating in some capacity before making the proverbial leap, planning and saving for that big day to ‘make the break.’

Regardless of how you plan to join the rest of us already ‘out here,’ we would like to extend an invitation for you to consider our Consulting for Cruisers services. Bill has worked as a marine surveyor for 30 years; he’s performed hundreds of pre-purchase and condition and valuation surveys of all manner of vessels, from small runabouts and pocket cruisers to commercial fishing and charter vessels. Lisa’s sailing background ranges from captaining and crewing small day sailors to 130+’ tall ships. And, we’ve been living aboard Jo Beth full time since 2015. Our combined 65 years of sailing and live aboard experience and professional knowledge will help to make your transition from landlubber or day sailor to voyaging sailor and live aboard cruiser smoother and more pleasant.

Here are just a few of the services we’re planning to offer:

·      Assistance in helping you determine what type of boat will best suit your anticipated cruising style

·      Guidance through the boat purchasing process; finding your boat, making an offer, and getting a marine survey

·      Helping you to make the best choices in equipment and gear once you find your dream boat

We’re still working out some details, so please bear with us a bit more. We’ll soon be ready to help you get your dream underway!